Facial Trauma


There are many potential causes of facial trauma from sports injuries, falls, interpersonal violence, and other accidental injuries. Injuries can range from simple lacerations to complex facial fractures injuring blood vessels, nerves, salivary glands, soft tissues, and bones of the face.

Soft Tissue Injuries:

Soft tissue injuries include small cuts and lacerations to injuries including salivary glands and deeper tissues of the face. Salivary gland and nerve injuries need to be repaired to function properly and lacerations need to be closed with the most meticulous care to achieve the most cosmetic outcome.

Facial Fractures:

Fractures of the face and jaws are repaired in a similar manner to fractures of other parts of the body. Titanium plates and screws are placed to reduce and stabilize the displaced bones of the face. Additionally, fractures of the jaw may require wiring of the jaws together for further stabilization. Incisions are placed in the most aesthetically acceptable skin creases to minimize unsightly scarring.

Dr. Kang is Medical Director of Facial Trauma at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, CO and is capable of treating the most complex traumatic facial injuries. Trained as a medical doctor as well as a dentist, Dr. Kang is an expert at reconstructing the face and jaws.