Routine head and neck examinations must be done to diagnose and identify pathology of the head and neck. Squamous cell carcinoma is the predominant malignancy of the oral cavity followed by salivary gland tumors. Without early diagnosis, these cancers are highly aggressive and deadly. There are over 263,000 oral cavity cancers worldwide with over 127,000 deaths. Tobacco and alcohol use are the traditional risk factors in the Western world for oral cancer and must be screened yearly. Any changes in the lips, tongue, mouth and cheeks should be evaluated for cancerous growth. Any unusual symptoms including pain, bleeding, difficulty swallowing should be closely evaluated. Dr. Kang is one of a handful of oral and maxillofacial surgeons fellowship trained in treating cancers of the head and neck. Dr. Kang will biopsy, stage, and treat surgically with a team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologist, radiologists, and pathologists.

Oral Pathology:

There are many other pathologic conditions of the oral cavity that may cause abnormal growths in the mouth, jaws, or throat. Any changes in color, non-healing ulcers, lumps or bumps in the gums, jaws, or cheeks, should be closely evaluated and assessed.

Dr. Kang provides comprehensive care for patients with cysts, tumors, and other pathology of the head and neck. Dr. Kang will provide compassionate care and help you during this difficult process.